People earn money thinking that they can spend it anyway they want, thinking that they have control over their money, but in the end money ends up controlling them.
     Everybody has stress in their life, and the best way to calm your mind is to not think about that (according to the doctors), and the best way to do that is by traveling and exploring. When we travel we take a break from our daily boring life routine. It rejuvenates our soul.
   I would advise you not to book a guide or go by the map. Explore, meet new people, indulge in their culture, Walk, don’t hire a cab, when we walk we are more conscious about the things and events that happen around us. Don’t post every photo on facebook, don’t tweet every two seconds. Switch off your smartphone, throw away your camcorder and start exploring. Take risks, and face your fears.
  As Paulo Coelho says it – ”Travelling is never a matter of money, it is a matter of courage”