Where should we live?


Once, I was having dinner with a successful property dealer (who is a millionaire) I asked him how he convinces his customers in buying his property?
He said – “I always tell them a story which I read somewhere, I’ll tell you that story, this is an extract from Bhagvad Gita although I’m not too sure of it”
He continued- The warrior Arjun asked Lord Krishna before going to the battle, that why are we going thousands of miles to Kurukshetra to fight the battle, if we can fight the battle here in Hastinapur or in Indraprastha?
The lord replied- “Some things are meant to happen, and there is a specific time and place for that which is destined. Now you tell me, where should one live? Arjun- I don’t know
Lord Krishna- One should choose a place by keeping these four things in mind-

1. Water: We should live in such a place where we can get clean water, for without it we cannot survive
2. Fertile Soil: We should choose such a place, where there is a fertile soil, so that we have abundant food and water
3. Air: The third most important thing is clean air, with clean air, clean water and fertile soil we can create our own little heaven
4. People : The fourth most important thing to keep in mind should be that the people around us should not be greedy, as greed is one of the most dangerous vice, and it can destroy the best of the heavens