The Pilgrimage




People don’t know how to go on a proper pilgrimage. Being on a pilgrimage doesn’t mean that you will go there just because you have to, and then come back and be your regular self, indulging in the same routine again, as if nothing has happened. What’s the whole point of such a pilgrimage?.

        A pilgrimage means a journey which you have to earn, rediscovering yourself on every step, and when you’ll finally reach there, you’ll see that the journey was worth it, it cleansed your soul. Pilgrimage means when you become overwhelmed by emotions after seeing that magnificent structure which you were destined to visit. because only you know how hard it was to get there. 

      There are lot of holy places- The Great Mountains of KedarnathKailash, in India, the Road to Santiago in Spain, the Hajj Pilgrimage of Mecca, we can travel at all of these places by foot, cleansing our souls, experiencing new things, because this is life all about. ‘ New Experiences’, but then also, some people choose to go there by car, by bus, even by personal charter, they don’t realize what they are missing.  Some people might say that we are old, we can’t get there by foot, so we need a charter. Okay, but what were you doing when you were young? Poverty is an exception, but what about all the other people who had the money to go there, but they kept saying – ‘ Maybe next summer’

              There is no next summer. There never will be any next summer. The time is now. Make the most of what you have, because life can take unexpected turns very quickly. 
Bon Voyage!