The Right Path



I was walking along the streets, on the highway between Dehradun and Mussoorie, on a beautiful evening, admiring the magical landscapes, pondering about my life, talking to myself, thinking about Love, Dreams and Personal Legends, when suddenly a car stopped and a man came out of it and asked me -”Can you tell me wether this road goes to the famous waterfalls located here? I’m a tourist”, So I told him the right direction and moved on, after a few miles another man came to and asked about a college, I pointed him the college and said that it’s just a two minute walk from here, He thanked me and moved on, and then another man came on a bicycle (and since I was the only person walking there), he asked me about a famous tourist spot, I said that you are going in the wrong direction, it is in the opposite direction, he also thanked me and went away…By that time, I was about to reach my destination.

After a few minutes, I thought about that little incident, and what was the significance of that?
Then it occurred to me.. The exact same thing happens in our lives, we come close to our destinations, but then we don’t know where to go, and sometimes we start moving in the wrong direction.. And then we meet our guide, may it be God, our mentor, our friend, our spouse, or our relative, they help us going in the right direction. But in the end we have to compete that journey all alone, nobody will be there with us, although they can help us in showing the right path….